The CLOUD for PC SOFT applications
Do I need to buy a license for the WEBDEV Application Server in order to deploy a site in the Cloud?
No, the WEBDEV Application Server license and its updates are included in the offer.
Does opening a CLOUD account triggers monthly costs?
No, the opening of a CLOUD account is billed according to the current price list, but until you've created your platform, there is no monthly fee.
Is there any commitment when subscribing to the Cloud offer?
No, the Cloud offer doesn't require any commitments.
How do I control the consumption of my platforms?
The Cloud dashboard allows you to find out the consumption (value and monthly cost) of the platforms.
You have the ability to suspend the activity or to reconfigure a platform at any time to reduce its cost.
Can the HyperFileSQL server be configured freely?
All the configuration options are available: user management, right management, connection management, configuration of the logs and cache, etc.
How do we configure the Cloud platforms?
The customers of the Cloud offer benefit from a secure dashboard allowing them to perform all types of operations on the platforms:
- Changing the offer (bronze, silver, etc.) and the intensity (low, medium, etc.) for the platforms
- Creating or deleting platforms
- Managing services (FTP access, HyperFileSQL access, filtering by IP, etc.)
- Configuring sites and databases
- Showing the use statistics (power, network, disk space, etc.)
- Accessing the data for invoicing and estimated cost
- and much more...
Using several platforms
You have the ability to use several platforms and to establish a dialog between them.
For example, a platform dedicated to the database, one for the Web Services and one for the site.
This is used to specifically adapt the power of the different platforms while increasing the security (the database can be accessible from the other platforms only, the Web services restricted to some IP addresses, etc.) and while simplifying the update operations.
Can I have access to the platform?
Our CLOUD offer is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) type implementation, which means that you don't need to worry about managing the operating environment (OS, WEBDEV Application Server, HyperFileSQL Server, WINDEV application setup server), nor about managing the hardware infrastructure.

You can concentrate on your application and its deployment, your core competency.
Security and IP filtering
All the services of the CLOUD offer proposed by PCS Cloud can be restricted to specific IP addresses from the dashboard.
These IP addresses are the ones that are "visible" from Internet.
Can I set up an SSL certificate on my platform in order to use an HTTPS protocol?
Yes, very easily from the PCSCloud dashboard.
How do I transfer an existing database onto a Cloud platform ?
Two cases may occur:

1. You want to transfer the data only.

In this case, from the HFSQL Control Center, connect to the HFSQL server of your Cloud platform.
Create a database.
On this database, use the "Import a Classic database" option and localize the data files that must be imported from your local server.

2. You want to transfer an entire existing server: databases, users, rights, scheduled elements, etc.

In this case, from the HFSQL Control Center, perform a backup of your local HFSQL server (Backup tab).
Transfer the backup onto the backup FTP of your platform (the connection parameters can be found in the Cloud dashboard).
Then, you will have the ability to restore this backup on the HFSQL server of the Cloud platform.
(contact us to get the physical path that must be specified for the restore operation)