Conditions & subscription prices
You can subscribe to the Cloud services by clicking on "Open an account".
You will find the pricing details and contract below.
Technical characteristics of the Cloud platforms:

  • An operating system (Windows 2016 64 bits)
  • A Web Server (IIS 10.0)
  • A WEBDEV Application Server (version 19 or later)
  • A 64-bit HFSQL Server (version 19 or later)
  • A WINDEV Setup Server
  • A Universal Data Replication Server
  • An SMTP server for sending emails
  • Up to 30 GB RAM
  • 8 compute units (3 GHz)
  • On-demand storage space
  • 1 IP address and 1 domain name

Tracking the consumptions and configuration
A dashboard allows Cloud users to view their monthly consumption in real time.
This dashboard can also be used to configure and suspend the activity of a platform at any time.
Integrated SaaS solution
The PCSCloud subscription provides access to WEBDEV SaaS administrator. This allows you to deploy and commercialize solutions based on WEBDEV SaaS sites.