WEBDEV application cluster
Ready-to-use WEBDEV application servers in cluster mode for an unlimited number of simultaneous connections

PCSCloud's "WEBDEV cluster" solution includes:

• The load balancer between WEBDEV application servers. The balancer is configured directly in the PCSCloud dashboard. No specific technical skills required.

• WEBDEV application servers that form the cluster. The number of servers in the cluster can be fully customized and adapted to your needs. For even more flexibility, you can configure the power of the servers that form the cluster.

One cluster to use multiple servers = unlimited simultaneous connections
The Cloud for PC SOFT applications offers operating platforms for your WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile applications.

PCSCloud's clusters of WEBDEV servers allow you to:
• host your WEBDEV sites or your WEBDEV or WINDEV Webservices.
• distribute the connections to these sites (while keeping sessions alive).
• distribute access to several WEBDEV application servers, allowing software updates (Windows Update) with zero downtime.
• absorb connection or traffic peaks.
• keep hosting costs under control while taking advantage of high availability.
• improve server resilience.
Quality environment, immediately operational
The Cloud operating platforms are optimized for a full integration from the PC SOFT development environments: WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. The deployments on the Cloud platforms are extremely simplified.
This allows you to concentrate on developing your applications, without any of the infrastructure constraints.
Secure management interface
An administration interface is available to create and manage the cluster and its nodes.
Adding or removing nodes from the cluster is a one-click process, without the need to deploy an update of the sites or Webservices defined in the cluster.
Availability and resilience
The platforms that form the cluster are designed to ensure high availability, even in the event of a hardware failure.
Additionally, Windows updates are automatically configured to ensure that sites and WebServices are always accessible.
You can create applications that are able to handle different workloads, and quickly scale your clusters to meet variations in demand:
Horizontal scalability: the number of nodes can be changed at any time
Vertical scalability: the power of the nodes can be adjusted
Node and cluster management: easy for development teams
Automatic deployment in the different nodes, distribution between the nodes of sites and Webservices, activation or deactivation of nodes in the cluster: everything has been simplified for development teams.
Simple and predictable pricing

Billing is simple and predictable it simply depends on:

• The size of your WEBDEV cluster (number of WEBDEV application servers that form the cluster)

• The power set for WEBDEV application servers

Each node provides you with storage space. This storage space is used by the resources of your sites or Webservices.